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Neat Vol. 1

Some interesting UI stuff—Namdev

5by5.tv has a button you can turn on so that links open in a new window. (I love this because I open everything in a new tab with the goal of making it take about 30 minutes for Firefox to start up.)

Top: The search field at apple.com when you load the page.
Bottom: The search field once you insert the cursor.

Top: The footer on the already excellently designed Daring Fireball.
Bottom: The Appearance settings on Daring Fireball where you can only change the font-size. I like that this sends the message that changing color or typeface is bullshit and the font-size is most likely the biggest culprit in terms of reading difficulty.

5 Essential Design and Marketing Podcasts

The (consistently) great podcast is a kind of personal holy grail. I love being able to visit a certain site once a week (if I’m lucky) and know that I’ll hear a great conversation taking place. The following is my list of absolutely essential interview based podcasts. I’ve pointed out some of my personal favorite episodes from each show as well.

1. Typeradio
No design podcast tops the Dutch program Typeradio. Its apparently about typography and type design but the interviewees are from the broader world of graphic design and the first questions they are asked is “Are you religious?” (along with the awkward “Do you love me?” and “Do you ever lie?”). From there the conversations can go anywhere.


  • Robert Bringhurst The author of The Elements of Typographic Style discusses his non-designer background, translating Native American literature, and surprisingly (to me, at least) his love for Hey Ho’s single typeface approach to designing for Éditions Galaade (work that we showed extensively in our book [warning: plug self-promotion ahead] Function, Restraint & Subversion in Typography).
  • Experimental Jetset A 2-part interview totaling 50 minutes with Danny and Marieke of the highly-influential Dutch design unit. Topics include atheism, printing, and their own estimation that based on the criticism they receive history may have already made up its mind about Experimental Jetset (and its not good). A really interesting and unguarded conversation.
  • Peter Saville Peter Saville is unable to open his mouth without being interesting.
    “Q: Are you famous? A: It would seem so.”

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