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Kieler Woche posters

If you visit the website of the largest sailing event in the world Kieler Woche, you are not going to be struck by the quality of design. But the festival does have a legacy of commissioning great modernist design by the likes of Wim Crouwel, Anton Stankowski, Otto Treumann, Jean Widmer, Ruedi Baur, Ben Bos, Siegfried Odermatt, Rosemarie Tissi, and Bernd Kuchenbeiser.

Some personal favorites:

1954, designed by Achim Bargatzki

1962, designed by Anton Stankowski

1964, designed by Hans Hillman

1972, designed by Rolf Müller

1995, designed by Barbara and Gerd Baumann

You can check out whole series from 1948–2011 here. In addition, if you poke around the design section of the site and click on “Übersicht der eingerichten Entwürfe,” you can view the all of the final submissions (multiple designers are asked to submit sketches each year) for each year going back to 2005 and stumble onto some gems like this rejected poster by Jörg Zintzmeyer.

Vinyl Protection: new LP packaging

There’s no denying that the art of music packaging is entering some kind of totally unexpected new golden age. Here’s some things that caught my eye recently.—Namdev

Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell) 24-24 Music 4LP Box Set (Traffic Entertainment/Sleeping Bag)
Details: 4 vinyl LP’s (each housed in a screen-printed jacket) with artwork by Russell’s longtime partner Tom Lee and an oversize book featuring photographs by Jeanette Beckmann, biographical texts and additional artwork. The whole thing comes in a screenprinted box. You can check out a cool video of the screen-printing production here. More info over at Bleep.

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